Who is Jasper and can you make money with him? Well, the quick answer is yes. How can Jasper help you make money writing?

AI writing tools like Jasper have become the rage. Marketing agencies, small entrepreneurs, and even large corporations are using AI technology now.

Do AI writing tools work?

Five years ago, AI was terrible at writing human-sounding content. It was just rehashed gibberish of other people’s content. Now, with natural language process capabilities, AI can write blog articles, video scripts, social media posts, and emails almost like humans.

AI technology has advanced to a place where it is nearly indistinguishable from something the human brain can produce. Not only that, but it creates content a lot faster.

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What is Jasper?

Jasper came on the scene a couple of years ago alongside a few other AI tools like Article Forge. Jasper was programmed to read the internet and actually learn from it. Since the beginning, Jasper has become an expert in an endless number of topics. However, Jasper doesn’t just take that information and rewrite it, he takes what he has learned and transforms the information into brand-new content.

To get Jasper to work, all you do is enter some basic information about a topic that you what to write about and he gets to work. If you want a blog post about how to cure a hangover, tell Jasper and he’ll write it up for you. Want a witty Quora answer or Facebook comment, tell Jasper! Essentially, Jasper is the employee and you are the boss.

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Make money writing

To make money as a writer, you need to be able to produce a lot of content quickly. For many writers, research, writing, and editing an article can take hours. For an eBook, you are looking at days.

Then you must post the content to a blog and hope it generates traffic. Or you can sell the article. Either way, the longer it takes to draft that article, the less money you make. Some writers just can’t make enough to justify the time.

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Make money with Jasper

Instead, you can have Jasper churning out articles while you edit and format them for publication. You could generate a 1,000-word article in about an hour, maybe a little longer if more extensive editing is required.

You can also use Jasper to create eBooks. Creating and publishing a 5,000-word eBook can be done in 3-4 hours and you can sell it or give it away to generate leads.

If you want to make money with Jasper, there are a few ways to do it.

1) Sell your articles on sites like Fiverr or Upwork.

2) Create a blog site and sell advertising space.

3) Use Jasper to create an eBook or online course and sell it on sites like Amazon or Udemy.

4) Create a content marketing agency and offer your services to businesses.

No matter what method you choose, Jasper can help you write the content quickly and easily. So, if you want to make some extra money or even start a full-time writing career, Jasper’s AI writing ability can help.

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Make money as a video creator

Many people use YouTube to make money. They create videos that teach or entertain, and many people watch. The more views, the more money they make.

But to make a video, you need a script. You could spend hours writing a script or you could have Jasper do it for you. All you need is a topic and Jasper can create a video script for you in minutes.

Not only will Jasper write the script, but he can also provide a list of potential video ideas based on the topic you give him. If you want to make money as a video creator, Jasper can help you by writing scripts quickly so that you can produce more videos. Plus, with the topics he provides, you may find new and interesting ideas for videos that you never would have thought of on your own.

What about plagiarism?

Jasper isn’t copying information from the internet and reposting it. He takes the information and learns from it, then writes something entirely new. So, plagiarism isn’t much of a concern when using Jasper.

However, he is not perfect and some copied information from other sites does slip in occasionally. Fortunately, Jasper has a built-in plagiarism checker that can be accessed with a click and the content will be checked. If it comes back clean, there is no extra work on your part.

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How much is Jasper?

Of course, Jasper isn’t free to use. Access to the writing tool is going to cost you anywhere between $29 and $99 per month. For some big users, there is even a higher plan.

However, to get the full capabilities of Jasper and actually make money, most users go with the minimum Boss Plan, which is $59 per month. Boss Mode opens up all of Jasper’s AI talents and gives the user way enough credits to start a profitable writing business.

Want to try Jasper for free? Here’s how.

Is Jasper worth the money?

The Boss Mode plan will give you enough credits to generate about 50,000 words each month. With that many words, you can write 50 1,000-word articles. That is a lot of content that you can sell or use to drive traffic to your site.

Typically, articles that long sell for $50, sometimes more depending on the topic. Sell two Jasper AI created articles and you are in profit.

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A nice side income using Jasper

Sell the remaining 48 articles at $50 a pop and you got a really nice side income or some vacation money. If you produced 50 articles and it took say 60 hours to do it, that’s about $40 an hour. Putting it that way, Jasper is worth the money.

A full-time income with Jasper

As your income from writing with Jasper increases, you can scale up and produce even more articles to sell. However, the idea is not for you to work harder or longer. The higher plans with Jasper allow you to add additional users. Essentially, you can hire someone else to create the articles, while you focus on other things, like a tropical beach.

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Jasper makes it easy to make money writing articles. With its AI capabilities, you can generate content quickly and easily. You can then sell the articles on sites like Fiverr or Upwork, use them to create a blog and sell advertising space, or create an eBook or online course. The options are endless, and Jasper makes it simple to get started.

An alternative to Jasper is Article Forge, which received some favorable reviews.

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