A new video ads creator named AdsReel claims it is the future of video ads. According to the No. 1 JVZoo vendor, Abhi Dwivedi, it is the world’s first text-to-video ads platform.

Video marketing for business

Video marketing is a powerful tool for businesses looking to reach their target audiences. By creating engaging, visually appealing videos, businesses can grab the attention of prospective customers and drive sales and leads. Video can be used to promote products or services, demonstrate how a product works, showcase customer success stories, build brand awareness, and so much more.

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Create engaging content

Creating engaging video content requires careful planning and execution. First, it is important to understand the target audience and create a message tailored to their needs and interests. The content should be informative, entertaining, and compelling – strong visuals are key. It should also be optimized for the platform where it will be shared, such as YouTube or social media, and it should be easy for users to view and share.

Using AdsReel can help

With AdsReel, a user can create engaging, captivating advertisements to attract attention to just about any business. The software even uses AI technology to create amazing video adverts and commercials with very little effort.

According to the sales page, the user only has to enter a business name and location, as well as any other relevant information. Then you choose the type of ad desired. The AI takes that input and goes out to the internet and gathers data. Simply by typing a few words, a video tailored to the business is generated in just a few minutes.

AdsReel creates the video script, produces a storyboard, and adds an AI voiceover. The result is a professional-looking video ad customized to your business.

After the video ad is done, the user can upload it to YouTube, Facebook, or any other video-sharing platform. You can even download it for use on websites or send in an email.

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AdsReel features

  • Various video size formats, including 9:16 (perfect for mobile devices)
  • Artificial intelligence that suggests ad topics by analyzing a business and audience
  • Automatic AI-generated scripts
  • Ad templates
  • Easy-to-use video editor
  • Natural human-sounding voiceovers
  • Millions of searchable high-quality images and video clips as well as background music
  • Multiple languages to reach audiences that speak Spanish, French, and Hindi
  • Video and written training
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How much is AdsReel?

During the initial sales period, AdsReel is selling for a one-time $37 for basic access. More than likely this price will increase after the first seven days or so after its release on July 25.

There are several OTO for AdsReel, including a $97 per year upgrade for unlimited features as well as another OTO of $97 per year for “interactive ads.” Among other benefits, the AdsReel unlimited upgrade lifts the cap on the number of videos a user can create. The interactive ads upgrade frees up the option to embed buy-now buttons and other elements right into the video.

Is AdsReel worth it?

Video marketing has experienced tremendous growth in recent years due to its efficacy for targeting current and potential customers. With more people spending time online, video content can help you and your clients reach large audiences.

For any company or marketer looking to increase profits and sales, video is a no-brainer. If AdsReel truly is a first-of-its-kind video ads creation software, it could turn out to be very valuable.

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Who is Abhi Dwivedi?

Abhi Dwivedi is a successful entrepreneur, business leader, and digital marketing expert. He is the co-founder of Koincart and ReelApps. He is also the No. 1 software creator and seller on the JVZoo marketing platform.

Throughout his career, Abhi has led many projects across a wide range of industries, from startups to established companies. He has spearheaded digital marketing strategies to generate more leads for countless clients. As a result of his work, he’s been able to help them reach their business objectives and drive positive results.

In conclusion, video marketing is an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. With AdsReel, users can create engaging and captivating videos tailored to their target audiences with very little effort using AI technology. The software offers a range of features such as multiple language support and millions of searchable images and video clips that make it easy to create professional-looking ads quickly.

If you are looking to unleash your creativity and increase sales or leads through digital marketing, then investing in AdsReel could be well worth your while. Led by one of the top creators on JVZoo, this software is designed to help bring powerful results at an affordable cost.

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